Logging & Milling | Custom Log Homes FAQ
Q: Does the log home kit mean Logging and Milling provides all the materials to build the roof and floors?
A: No. For some log home suppliers this may be the case, but here at LMA it means we can take your custom floor plan and make a ready to assemble kit out of the logs which includes every log cut and every corner saddle notched.
Q: Does LMA provide any other materials?
A: Yes. If you need any tongue and grooves either 1" or 2" we can provide what you need. We can help with beams for floors and roof systems if this fits your building style.
Q: Why doesn't LMA make complete packages( including floors and roofs)?
A: LMA is distant from the suppliers of these other products, additional trucking and handling will only drive up the cost to you. The lumber yards in the major towns will give you figures and prices on the rest of your materials.
Q: Does LMA have "ready to go" floor plans and kits?
A: No. Just about every customer wants something a little bit custom in their personal log home and we would rather find out exactly what you want and make our product fit your desires.