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The logging and milling operation was started to provide the community of Dry Creek with a source of firewood  and lumber, and it began to sell outside the community in 1983. We grew up in the community and took the business over as partners in 1989.


Our first business venture was in the raw log export to the Japanese between the years 1989 to 1996. We began to wonder why the Japanese were willing to come so far into the interior of Alaska and pay high prices for our softwoods. We then realized that our local White Spruce was of high quality and deserved to be value added by Alaskans, and that the local customers could have a quality local product.


In 1992, we began to sell rough, green lumber and to shape precision milled house logs in 1996. We added a construction crew in 1998 to construct with the house logs we were producing. In the next 8 years we constructed approximately 60 log shells.


In 2000, we installed the first of the kilns and a planer to increase the value of our products to our customers.


At first, the kiln was used to dry 1” and 2” tongue and groove products only. Beginning in 2006, we began kiln-drying our house logs to minimize shrinkage and settling in that product. 


In 2007 we began offering precut packages to the customers custom design.  We have produced over 130 of these kits since then. These would show up at your building site packaged and labeled for easier construction. No cutting tools would be required.


So whatever your log home needs or desires, we believe we can help, because we have some good wood, some experience, and some good guys to get it done. Thanks for checking us out. 

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